Who is Kori Paul Swabey?

Kori Paul Swabey is a singer songwriter based in Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth. Kori has been writing songs since a young age, releasing his first single ‘Lockdown Feelings’ in November 2020. Kori wrote Lockdown Feelings as he was “searching from my window for a rainbow in the storm”, during a dark time in his life, struggling with the affects of Lockdown and the COVID-19 global pandemic.
In December 2020, Kori released a second single ‘Will You Ever Feel What I Feel?’, “an anthem for survivors”, with profits being donated to First Light, a charity based in the South West who specialise in supporting survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse.
Kori released a 4 track EP titled ‘Born to Be’ on January 25th 2021:

Leaves Fall, a song he wrote about a young woman he met during Autumn 2020, who was standing on a bridge, with intentions of taking her own life. Kori talked her down and sings about the experience with lyrics: “I begged her for her attention, prayed to god for her to listen, I may not fix her, but all I know heck it’s worth a try”. Kori and the woman are now close friends, supporting one another on their journeys to recovery.
Love Like Ours, the second track from the EP pays homage to his relationship with his partner, in which he says is one of the reasons he holds on to life. Kori sings about how he holds on, “For a love like ours” as he lists his insecurities, on this track he wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to show his vulnerability.
Playing With Fire is also inspired by his relationship, it’s a song about admitting defeat for someone you desire. Kori says he struggled at the start of his relationship with body confidence and intimacy, unable to accept his sexuality and feeling as though he’s taking a risk by letting down the walls he built up. At first he couldn’t allow himself to be loved, but he took a risk, rolled the dice, played the game and is now winning.
Break Free is Kori’s favourite song right now, he wrote this song about his sexuality, about his survival. It’s a song for anyone who has ever felt like their life isn’t truly theirs. When discussing the lyrics, Kori says “My whole life I have been held back, I’ve let secrets kill me inside, I have never truly been free, free from my mind, free from criticism, bullying, abuse. I want others to break free from anything holding them back and to remember “this isn’t a break down, this is a break free” & you are here to be who you were Born to Be.